Rags Metals Limited

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Welcome to Rags Metals Limited, Ireland’s largest precious metals dealer.

As of February 2011 we are extending our services to private investors for amounts of €5,000 or more.

Why Rags Metals Limited?

For investments below €5,000 we encourage customers to purchase from our sister company, Your Gold Fund Limited. Your Gold Fund serves private investors who are required to invest €200 for their initial transaction, any subsequent transaction can be for as little as €100.

Your Gold Fund Limited offer two primary products, a Gold Traders Account and a Gold Savers Account. Your Gold Fund Limited commissions range from 0.94% to 5% and they accept payment in bank transfer only. Your Gold Fund was set up as a direct result from Rags Metals customers who were looking for secure storage to be included with purchase in addition to smaller minimum purchases.

Call us on +353 1 639 2988
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